Castor oil for your nails

Benefits of castor oil for the nails

Why castor oil is good for your nails?

Castor oil has the ability to give strength to the nails and avoid the appearance of anomalies as grooves on the nails, hollow nails, brittle nails or nails that grow poorly.

Its vitamin E content is largely responsible for maintaining healthy nails.

Nail preparations with castor oil

Among the many home products for nails with castor oil, we have, for example, as follows:

Castor oil for stretch marks on the nails


- Lemon juice

- Castor oil


- Fill half a glass with castor oil

- Add a few drops of lemon juice

How to apply

- Soak your nails in castor oil for 8 minutes.

- Dry nails with a paper towel. Do not flush with water

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