Castor oil for your hair

Benefits of castor oil for hair health

Why castor oil is good for hair?

Castor oil has the ability to strengthen the hair, preventing or reducing baldness and, at the same time, to make it shine and become soft. Thus, castor oil not only can relieve dry hair but allows it to be more easy to handle.

The main responsible for these effects are oleic, linoleic and palmitic fatty acids which are attributed with antialopecic properties.

We must not forget the role of vitamin E as an antioxidant, whose importance in the maintenance of skin and hair have been widely recognized

Preparations for the hair with castor oil

Among the many preparations with castor oil for the hair, we have, for example, as follows:

Castor oil for balness and hair care


– Castor oil


– Fill half a glass with castor oil

How to apply it

– Apply it rubbing the scalp with your fingers impregnated with castor oil.

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3 December, 2021

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