Contraindications of celery

(Apium graveolens)



- Pregnancy: Celery is contraindicated during pregnancy because it contains uterotonic and emmenagogue substances (apiol, apigenin, mirysticin).

- Sun exposure: celery contains sensitizers (bergapten).

After handling celery or undertaking celery treatments, prolonged sun exposure is not recommended. Celery components can produce redness of the skin or dermatitis.

- Anticoagulants: Celery usage is contraindicated with medicines or plants with anticoagulant effects.

It contains furanocumarins that can enhance the effect of this medication. Do not combine with medicinal anticoagulant plants plants or with anticoagulant medicins. Nor Aspirin, for example. (acetylsalicylic acid).

- Allergy: Be cautious taking celery if you are allergic to any plant. There may be an allergic cross-reactivity with cucumber, carrot, watermelon and apples. So, if you are allergic to one of these foods, do not eat celery.

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