Cherimoya benefits



Benefits and medicinal properties of cherimoya

Cherimoya shares a number of characteristics and properties with the rests of the fruits, varying according to the amount.

Cherimoya moisturizing effect

Specifically, cherimoya has a very high water content, which is very useful in order to avoid dehydration.

Cherimoya macronutrients

  • High-carb content: Cherimoya is high in carbohydrates, particularly simple carbohydrates, that is to say, sugars.

    According to this fact, some people should be especially careful in its consumption (as with other fruits). For example, people suffering from diabetes,. Cherimoya sugars are rapidly absorbed and can raise you blood glucose.

  • Low in protein and fats: It has a low content of both fat and protein.

  • Cherimoya prebiotic effect: Because of its fiber content, useful for increasing depositional and intestinal transit, cherimoya is very useful to resolve or avoid constipation.

Cherimoya micronutrients

  • Minerals in cherimoya: Depending on its mineral content, it has a high level of potassium in relation to the amount of sodium contained, so we can can attribute it substantial diuretic effects.

It also contains significant amounts of phosphorus and calcium, and less of magnesium and other minerals.

  • Vitamins in cherimoya: In terms of vitamins, it contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin A and some vitamins of the group B, especially vitamin B3 and B9.

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