Chickpea croquettes recipe



- Cooked chickpeas.

- Carrots boiled and drained.

- Wakame seaweed, hydrated, and cut to very thin pieces. You can also use arame, hiziki, sea spaghetti or nori.

- Wholemeal wheat flour

- Chopped garlic and parsley

- Olive oil

- Salt


- Make a dough with the cooked chickpeas, the boiled and sliced carrots,, salt, oil, and finely chopped wakame seaweed.

- The mixture should be "dried", so add a little flour to absorb moisture.

- Make "burgers" with this mass.

- The ingredients are already cooked, so a final baking is required to provide them some texture, and for the final cooking of the wheat flour.

- The croquettes can be fried with a little oil or baked 20 minutes at 180 � C. In any case, they must be turned upside down from time to time for both sides to be well done.


Original and super simple burgers can be made in this way, suitable for vegetarians and people allergic to eggs.

It is also ideal for children who do not like vegetables. For its healthy carbohydrate content can be combined in a balanced diet.

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