Baked chicory



Ingredients for 4:

- 4 chicory salad

- 2 tablespoons and half of butter

- 2 tablespoons honey

- Half an orange

- Sal

- Oregano


- Clean the chicory and cut it lengthwise in half.

- With half of the butter, rub it on a cookie tray.

- Place the chicory flat on the tray.

- Add the honey on chicory, squeeze the orange over the chicory to remain wet with the orange juice.

- Add the remaining half of the butter and salt as desired. Sprinkle oregano over it.

- Place in the preheated oven at 180 º C.

- Cook for one hour, turning the chicory every 15 minutes.

- Remove from the oven once the top becomes as candy and only a little juice remains in the tray

How to serve

Serve hot as the second course

punto rojo More information about chicory in the listing above

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