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Characteristics of dry hair

Dry hair often results from an alteration of the scalp, called seborrheic dermatitis, which can produce an alteration of the skin, and a series of secondary symptoms among which is dryness, accompanied by dandruff.

It can help to precipitate hair loss and it is also an aesthetic problem.

Symptoms of dry hair

The main symptoms of dry hair are:

Plaques, scales, comb dirty white or with yellow particles, dirty hair, dermatitis, redness, dry hair, split hair ends, hair dullness, scalp itching, etc.

Causes of dry hair

The main causes of dry hair are:

- Seborrheic Dermatitis - Also called seborrhea. It is a chronic inflammation of the skin that produces many scales and redness of the affected area with itching sensation and excessive production of fat in some cases and extreme drought in others, although seborrhea is vulgarly often associated with excess of fat.

- Diet: Although an unsuitable diet is not the direct cause of this problem, it can worsen the problem, especially if it lacks vitamin B.

- Chemical or physical aggression: The use of very aggressive shampoos, full of detergents, frequent use of hair sprays, dyes, or hair grease can dry your hair. Similarly, washing or brushing it too hard it is not appropriate and can favor it to become dry.

- Environmental factors: Living in low humidity atmosphere is a reason to have your hair dry hair. Too windy places, the contact with the sand on the beach or the chlorine in pools are another factors that can cause this problem.

- Psychological causes: stress, situations of personal distress or unpleasant emotional states are often the reasons which favor the appearance of dandruff.

Diagnostics and treatment of dry hair

An suitable treatment of the dry hair supposes a previous study by a specialist to determine what are the real causes of this dryness. Following it, an adequate treatment provided by the doctor or dermatologist will be able to solve this alteration.

Some natural treatments that can help complete your doctor's treatment.

At the same time, if we follow some very simple tips on how to treat many problems of the hair, most of them can be prevented or resolved more easily.

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