Grated carrots with lemon recipe

How do prepare grated carrot with lemon


Ingredients of grated carrot salad with squeezed lemon

Photo grated carrot with squeezed lemon and a little oil

The recipe is as simple as the title of it:

- Raw carrots

- Lemon

- Extra virgin olive oil or other (unrefined) vegetable oil first cold pressed

How to prepare grated salad

Photo of grated carrot with lemon juice and oil
Photo of grated carrot with lemon juice and oil

- Wash and peel the carrots.

- With a grater or with an automatic machine, grate the carrots

- Squeeze a lemon on the grated carrot immediately to minimize vitamins and flavonoids loss.

- When serving, season it with vegetable oil.

- Serve as a salad.

You can prepare a good bowl of grated carrots with lemon juice and keep refrigerated for 2 or 3 days. Although vitamin C is a bit more sensitive to oxidation, beta carotenes are very stable and preserve for a long time.

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