Properties of quillay honey

Characteristics and benefits of quillay honey

What is quillay honey?

It is the honey produced by bees that mainly suck quillay flowers (Quillaja saponaria). Quillay is a tree that grows in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

Medicinal properties of quillay tree

As the scientific name of this tree indicates, it is very rich in saponins, which are obtained from its bark for the industry.

Quillay bark possesses medicinal properties being one of the best astringents for external use. It is used primarily for the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, or oily skin. (Decoction of dry bark, apply a compress over the affected area)

It is also useful in the external treatment of seborrhea, and dandruff, and can prevent hair loss (Wash the hair with a decoction of quillay bark in water. Rinse well with water after washing)

Given the toxicity of saponins, it should not be used in internal treatments. We should never drink the quillay preparations. Even in external use it can produce adverse reactions in the skin. In which case, we will leave the treatment.

Characteristics of quillay honey

Quillay honey has a light amber color.

What is quillay honey used for?

It is recommended to consume this type of honey in case of allergy, asthenia, or bad digestions.

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