How to make aioli




- 3 cloves of garlic (to taste)

- Olive oil

- Table salt

Photography of aioli. The texture should be thick, forming a "nest" when removing.


- In a mortar, crush the garlic with the salt to form a paste.

- Add a few drops of oil and mix, always in the same direction.

- Add oil very slowly, and always grinding in the same direction, to form a thick dough. If you add all the oil at once, the sauce will not emulsify. Similarly, when the dough is emulsified, stop adding oil.

- You can add egg yolk at room temperature to emulsify the sauce better.

- To help thicken, you can also add some bread crumbs.


Garlic sauce is typical of Catalan cuisine. Its name means "garlic and oil" (garlic mayonnaise), since in Catalonia it is prepared only with garlic, oil and salt (no added egg yolk and bread crumbs).

This sauce is used to add a boiled vegetable dishes, grilled meats, or just to eat some bread.

The extra virgin olive oil permeates aromatic flavor to the sauce, in addition to its health benefits.

Garlic has expectorant, anticancer and circulatory properties.

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