How to preserve frozen vegetables at home


How to keep frozen vegetables at home?

Remember that, when purchased in the market, as all frozen food, frozen vegetables should be purchased at the end of the purchase and kept in a special bag to keep them frozen. Later take home and introduce them in the freezer as soon as possible.

How long can frozen vegetables be kept frozen at home?

It is important not keep frozen vegetables in our home freezer for a long time since they can loose many nutrients if they are stored frozen for too long.. When thawing, there is no need to put in the water or put them under running cold water or put them in the microwave.

The only thing you have to do is to deposit them directly into the bowl of hot water where they will be cooked.

What to do once you open the bag?

It is also important to spend the frozen vegetables at one time, since taking them out of the freezer breaks the cold chain, and although you can freeze them again, its subsequent refreezing does not guarantee that microorganisms can not develop.

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