Ingrown nails natural remedies


PHYTOTHERAPY: Plants to alleviate whitlows

The main function of phytotherapy is to use those plants which purpose will result in:

- To use plants with bacterial properties that eliminate the infection.

- To use those plants that diminish perspiration.

Internal use

- Sage: (Salvia officinalis) It has anti-perspirant properties, so it reduces to excessive perspiration (Infusion of a teaspoon of dry plant per water glass. Take a pair from glasses per day)

External use

- Thyme: (Thymus vulgaris) It has anti-perspirant and anti-bacterial properties, making it well suited to combat germs that can cause burning in feet or prevent excessive sweating, which could create an environment suitable for growth of microorganisms. (Decoction for quarter of an hour of 100 gr. of dried plant per liter of water. Make a foot bath with warm water. Rinse with cold water. Dry thoroughly and sprinkle talcum powder on them.)

- Lemon tree: (Citrus limonum) It reduces the inflammation and fights the acute pain of ingrown toenails (Insert your finger into a lemon for a while. Repeat this process several times a day)


(Diet for the feet)

A suitable diet increases the defenses of the body and prevents the appearance of infections.

punto rojo More information on the infections of the feet in the listing above.

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