Lactose-free milk for autoimmune diseases

Is milk withouth lactose a good food for autoimmune diseases

Lactose-free milk for autoimmune diseases?

dairy products
Dairy products

Lactose-free milk is NOT suitable, NOR any dairy, regardless of type or animal (goat, buffalo, sheep...).

What is desired is to avoid the ingestion of milk protein, found in all types of milk (yogurt, cheese, custards, etc.) and also in some additives and supplements

* See: Milk and dairy intestinal diseases

It is necessary to follow medical advice and consult a dietitian

Autoimmune diseases always require treatment and medical supervision. Due to the autoimmune nature, not not perform a treatment is harmful and damaging to the body.

Besides medical treatment, it is highly advisable to dispose of nutritionists, dietitians, expert in the diet of therapy for autoimmune diseases who provide you with personal advice, (Consult dietitians and nutritionists associations in your country or in universities).

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