Onion benefits


What are onions?

Onions (Allium cepa) are vegetables.

Each onion is a rounded bulb buried underground, mostly whitish, although there are varieties with more and less intense purple hues.

Onions skin is the same color as the inside of the bulb if they are tender, or brown or even very intense purple if they are old.

They are composed of several layers from the skin to the interior of the bulb.

Their taste can vary depending on the variety from being soft and sweet, to very strong and spicy.

What are the main nutrients of onions?

As an energy source, 100 grams of onions provide 38 kcal.

Their proportion of nutrients are divided into:

- Almost 90% is water.

- A 0.16% fat.

- More than 1% proteins.

- More than 8% carbohydrates.

- A 1.8% fiber.

Vitamins and minerals of onions

Onions are rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.

They contain a lot of vitamin C and vitamin B9, and small amounts of other B vitamins

Photo of onions

cebollas tiernas
Photo of tender onions

Nutritional characteristics of onions

- It has a high water content.

- It provides little energy.

- It contains very little fat, although of high quality and with many health benefits.

- It has a very low protein content.

- It has a good carbohydrate, especially sugars.

- It possesses a moderate-fiber content.

- It helps to remove toxins from our body, because it contains potassium.

- It helps maintain our brain function properly, because it contains phosphorus. In addition, together with calcium, it maintains the balance of the formation of strong bones.

- Because of its magnesium content, it helps the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

- For its content in B vitamins, particularly vitamin B9, it helps us to grow properly.

- It protects us from colds, helps heal wounds, toxins and aging, because it contains vitamin C.

Onion composition

Onion composition

Onion in the kitchen

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