Vegetable stuffed potatoes

Potatoes stuffed with borage and parmesan



- A bunch of borages. Other plant foods that can also be used are: mallow, nettles, dandelion or other edible vegetable.

- 3 medium potatoes

- Parmesan

- 20ml. liquid cream or soy cream

potatoes stuffed with borage and Parmesan

Photo of potatoes stuffed with borage and Parmesan.


- Wash the bunch of borages and separate the leaves from the stem.

- Boil the borage leaves and drain.

- Mix borages with cream and a teaspoon of Parmesan in a blender. Season to taste and set aside. The result is a tasty vegetable filling, which combines well with potatoes.

- Wash and peel the potatoes.

- Boil the potatoes, or steam them. Then, peel them, cut in half and slice

- Add the filler that we have prepared.

- Bake it au gratin with a little parmesan sprinkled on top.

- Serve as a starter or to accompany main courses.

What do this recipe give us?

It is a dish rich in carbohydrates (potato) and fat (the cream). Borage provides fiber and beta-carotene to the recipe.

Parmesan is one of the richest cheese in protein and calcium.

Recipe courtesy of Montserrat Enrich's blog: Gastronomia salvatge. (=Wild gastronomy)

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