Royal jelly aphrodisiac

Is royal jelly a good aphrodisiac?


Royal jelly with aphrodisiac properties

The ability to increase body vigor seems to have a positive effect on both the male and female genital organs.

The majority of people who undergo royal jelly cures seem to experience an increase in sexual desire, considering this product as a good aphrodisiac, able to solve problems of impotence, frigidity or lack of sexual desire.

royal jelly displayed in a store.
Photograph of royal jelly displayed in a store.

Royal jelly to increase fertility

In this same sense, royal jelly is considered very useful for increasing fertility.

It is considered that royal jelly (the food of the queen bee) is the one that, besides providing a very long life to the queen bee, is responsible for giving it the necessary vitality to be able to put a daily quantity of eggs superior to its own weight.

The use of royal jelly may favor the pregnancy of the woman who wishes to have children.

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