Savory contraindications

Summer savory (Satureja hortensis) and winter savory (Satureja montana)


Savory is an aromatic and medicinal herb originating in the Mediterranean region. "Savory" can refer to two types of plants: winter savory (Satureja montana) or summer savory (Satureja hortensis).

Both plants have a similar composition and the same therapeutic effects, with the difference that one is perennial, and the other annual, respectively.

Who should avoid taking Ajedrea?

- People with stomach ulcers, gastritis and stomach acidosis: Savory is an aperitif plant, stimulates the production of digestive juices and could increase the painful symptoms of peptic ulcer, gastritis and stomach acidity.

- Constipation: due to its content in tannins, the savory may aggravate the state of constipation.

- Women during pregnancy: the safety of this supplement during pregnancy has not been proven. The use of savory during pregnancy is not recommended. * More information: Plants and pregnancy.

- Women during lactation: the safety of this supplement during lactation has not been proven. The use of savory during lactation is not recommended.

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