How to prepare a vegetable stew


Vegetable stew

Photo of vegetable stew


- 1 Onion cut into half moons

- 2 Carrots washed, peeled and cut into chunks, 2 fingers

- Leek cut like carrots

- 3 Artichokes cut into quarters

- 1 tablespoon vinegar

- A unsalted roasted sunflower seeds.

- � cup water

- Olive oil

- salt


- With a little oil, saute the onion with a pinch of salt.

- Add the vegetables: leeks, carrots, artichokes, vinegar and stir 3 minutes, uncovered.

- Add the sun flower seeds and � cup water.

- Cover and cook over low-medium for at least 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

- During the last 5 minutes of cooking we can uncover and allow to evaporate a little water if we like it drier.

Properties of vegetable stew

This dish is ideal for children and adults. It represents a different way to eat vegetables that the whole family will appreciate.

With this method, the different ingredients add all their flavors and this preparation acquires a mild and pleasant texture.

Very suitable for weight loss diets. Often we propose a "diet" based on salads and cooked vegetables with little variety of colors and flavors. This vegetable stew can be an alternative to these boring meals.

There is a variety of stews, called "Nishime", a dish of Japanese origin. It combine sweet root vegetables, like squash, parsnips, carrots, onions and sweet potatoes flavored with a cinnamon stick, and soy sauce. A satiating gift to widen our gourmet range!

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