How many kinds or types of proteins exist?

We have two types of proteins:

- Proteins of animal origin (animal proteins)

- Proteins of vegetable origin (vegetal proteins)

Types of animal protein

There are two types of animal protein:

- Fibrous proteins: These are proteins that form the elastin of the musculature and the collagen of body tissues. Their functions are to protect and support tissues such as nails or skin. jellies are a derivative of this type of proteins that is often much used in the market.

- Globular Proteins: Those which ar

Types of vegetable protein

e formed by liquids that are being easily digested and with a high content of essential amino acids. Globulins are found in blood and in foods such as egg albumin or casein from milk.

There are two types of vegetable proteins:

- Glutelin: It is a very elastic protein. It constitutes the main component of gluten

- Prolamin, alcohol-soluble proteins with a high content of proline and glutamine

Both are found in plant foods such as cereals. The best known is the glutelin gluten, possibly because in some cases it produces allergies to some people. This protein can be found in cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and oats.

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