Phlomis lychnitis

Lamwick plant


phlomis lychnitis

phlomis lychnitis

Photos of Phlomis lychnitis

Phlomis lychnitis L. (Lamwick plant)

Bushy plant of Pea family - papilionaceae- up to 60 cm. Numerous erect stems, silky - hairy. Elliptical leaves up to 12 cm in length; light green and hairy above; back with whitish hairs. Large yellow flowers, grouped in whorls of 5-10 flowers around the stem. Corolla up to 3 cm; upper lip hull-shaped. Native to southern Europe, it appears in Mediterranean sunny meadows with low humidity and calcareous soil together with other plants such as thyme, gorse, etc. Flowering occurs in spring and early summer.

Medicinal plant. See propertiesStudy of plants

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