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Diet helicobacter pylory

What to eat for gastritis due to Helicobacter pylory


What is gastritis caused by bacteria?

Gastritis often has a bacterial origin. It is the result of a infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

How this type of gastritis should be treated?

Helicobacter pylori infection should be checked by a doctor at all times to prevent complications of the disease. The treatment is based on antibiotics and stomach protectors.

Can diet help the medical treatment?

Yes. Diet for Helicobacter is complementary to medical treatment. It consists of an adequate diet with easily digestible food to avoid stomach pain, and thus reduce inflammation and gastric distress.

What kind of food is recommended in cases of gastritis by Helicobacter?

A general guidelines for diet when Helicobacter infection exists is the following:

- Chew your food a lot to facilitate and shorten the digestion time. If chewing becomes difficult, perform a liquid or soft diet (purees, boiled, etc.)

- Do not take too hot food or tea.

- Soft cooking: steamed, boiled, mashed potatoes, soups, etc. juicy textures, stews, soups, purees,... Avoid sauteed, roasted, grilled or very dry or undercooked foods.

Boiled rice for gastritis
Boiled rice is very good to treat gastritis.

- Choose the most recommended food for the stomach, which are mainly: potatoes, rice, carrots, pumpkins, cooked cabbage, apples, ripe bananas and olive oil.

- If you do not have olive oil, unrefined oils are recommended (first cold pressing)

Olive oil for Helicobacter
Olive oil is recommended in case Helicobacter pylory infection

- Drink water throughout the day, especially between meals, to dilute stomach acid and reduce acidity.

- Do not eat abundant meals if you go hungry between meals, eat more often, but not to feel completely full

- Some herbs have shown antibiotic properties against Helicobacter, but, in no case, they are entirely effective for use as a single treatment. These plants are ginger and turmeric.

Olive oil for Helicobacter
Recipe of quinoa with onion and broccoli. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to provide medicinal properties.

- Another types of tea that can help relieve stomach upset are rich in mucilage. Take them in infusions, such as mallow or plantain

- Eating chia seeds will also help relieve heartburn and stomach inflammation.

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