Bettel pepper properties

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Scientific name: Piper betle L.

Common name: Bethel, betel pepper

Family: Piperaceae

Habitat: Tropical regions of Southeast Asia.

Components of betel

- Hidroxichavicol

- Alkaloids: arecaidine (C2H11NO2) and arecoline

Active parts: leaves and fruits


Drawing of the plant (Piper betle)


Medicinal uses of the betel pepper

Home remedies with betel: The leaves and betel nuts are chewed habitually in Southern Asian countries for the following properties

- Dry mouth: Chewing produces more saliva. This property also promotes disminuion of bad breath.

- Respiratory diseases: To combat cough

- Digestive diseases: For diarrhea and intestinal worms.

- Skin problems: eczema and wounds

Studies are being done on its effects to counteract the carcinogenic potential of tobbaco and other plants such as areca nut (Areca catechu) which is also popularly called betel nuts, and it is usually chewed in some Asian countries.

Metel medicines: The extract from the leaves used to make medicines used in the treatment of gout.

Given its toxicity, it is advised not to use it in the preparation of home remedies

drawing of bettel

betel nut

Toxicity of betel pepper

Addictive. Its use also has a negative impact:

- Stomach problems

- Fall of teeth

- Risk of mouth cancer.

Effects of betel pepper

- Analgesic

- Stimulating.

- Anticancer

- Antibacterial

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