Chamomile contraindications

(Matricaria chamomilla)


What are the contraindications of chamomile?

Infusion and chamomile essential oil can interact with certain types of drugs:

- They can increase the effect of sedative substances such as benzodiazepines and anxiolytics.

- They enhance the effect of coumarin anticoagulants (warfarin).

- They should not be combined with alcohol due to its weak anxiolytic action.

Matricaria chamomilla
Matricaria chamomilla

Whom is chamomile contraindicated for?

- People who are allergic to plants or essential oils. Individuals allergic to other plants in the daisy family may also be the same to chamomile.

- People who are allergic to pollen. Individuals who suffer from allergic rhinitis, allergy to ragweed, chrysanthemums and other pollen allergies should use chamomile with caution.

- Children under 5 years. Essential oil use is contraindicated in children due to the allergenic power of essential oil components. Infusions are not contraindicated.

- Pregnant women. Chamomile essential oil has uterotonic action. Their use could cause abortion.

Chamomile: When consulting with the doctor?

- If you are taking sedative medication or anticoagulants.

- If you are allergic to any plant or its essential oil.

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