Montserrat Enrich

Montserrat Enrich

Expert journalist in uses and applications of plants, collaborator of Botanical online

Montserrat Enrich, collaborator of Botanical online

Montserrat Enrich is an expert journalist on the uses of plants who has been working for many years in Botanical-online. She has provided excellent quality articles on the applications of the plants, always reviewing their history, etymology, symbolism, … and all kinds of very interesting details.

She grew up in the countryside, where she was able to to get to know first hand the possibilities and usefulness of natural resources, at a time when there were not many other options.

Montserrat explains what wild plants can be eaten and used as a remedy, as has been done for centuries. She also knows how to make homemade brooms, he makes dried flower bouquets that are almost works of art, and in nature she finds resources to never get bored. Her  inspiration and enthusiasm are contagious!

Whenever she finds an unknown plant on her way, she will investigate it, until she can  identify and classify it, many times after visiting it several times a year, to see it in all its states (flowering, fruiting, etc.).

Montserrat Enrich
Monserrat teaching at one of her courses of identification and consumption of wild edible plants.

In her  personal blog, Gastronomia salvatge, she publishes periodically such exclusive topics as wild edible seasonal fruits, how to cook some unusual herb, medieval recipes that he rediscovers, or the upcoming fairs of natural remedies that are prepared.

In addition, Montserrat is the author of numerous books, including “Hierbas a la Carta” ( Cossetania Editorial), where she explains the uses and properties of numerous edible wild plants.

As it  is evident, Montserrat is an authentic passionate about plants and a great connoisseur of their history and their applications.  She is also a person with a lot of curiosity and a great reader.

On the web she has written numerous articles on the symbolism of some plants, their origin, history and recipes. We can highlight his contributions on the subject of wild edible plants, or her excellent articles on teff and khat, among many others.

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