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Common English name: Aronia, black chokeberry, aronia berries (based on the fruit).

Common name in other languages:

aronia plant
Aronia plant photo

– Deutsch/German: Aplfelbeeren

– Dutch/Nederlands: Appelbe

– Swedish/Svenska: Aroniasläktet

– Finish/Suomi: Aroniat

– Spanish/Castellano:Aronia

– Français/French: Aronia

– Italiano/Italian: Aronia

– Català/Catalan: Aronia

– Portugûes/Portuguese:Aronia

– Latviešu/ Latvian: Aronijas

– Polski /Polish: Aronia

– Slovenčina/Slovak: Arónia

– Slovenščina/Slovenian: Aronija

– Српски / srpski /Serbian/Croatian: Аронија россияне/

– Russian:Аро́ния чернопло́дная

  • Scientific name: Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Elliott. Synonym: Photinia melanocarpa.

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1 October, 2021

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