Characteristics of fleshy fruits

Characteristics and types of fleshy fruits

What are fleshy fruits?

Fleshy fruits are those that have a more or less soft pericarp. In other words, those that have enough “flesh” around the stone. Some examples of fleshy fruits we are the following:

Types of fleshy fruits

The main types of fleshy fruits are:


These are fruits with very soft epicarp and very fleshy mesocarp and endocarp. For example:


They are fruits that present fleshy matter between the endocarp and the seeds. The carpels are closed.


Son frutos procedentes de un ovario ínfero con la parte exterior del pericarpo endurecido. Por ejemplo:


They are fruits with a fleshy mesocarp and a hardened bone-shaped endocarp, within which the seed is found. For example:


They are fruits that combine several drupes at the same time. For example:


They are fruits of fleshy mesocarp and coriaceous endocarp. They originate from an inferior ovary. For example:

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15 May, 2023

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