Vanilla medicinal uses

What is vanilla used for?


Vanilla in the Kitchen

Vanilla Pod: It is the dried fruit, which is very characteristic because of its blackish color. It can be incorporated to sweet culinary preparations. Some recipes are, for example: anise liqueur and grapes cake.

Vanilla buttercream or vanilla butter: It is a kind of butter made with vanilla and sugar.

Vanilla extract or vanilla liquid: Ideal for flavoring all kinds of pastries, cakes, cookies, and other desserts.

Vanilla sugar: It contains artificial or synthetic vanillin, which is a product with a touch of vanilla, though nothing comparable to its real flavor. See artificial vanilla.

Teas: Especially relaxant teas incorporate mixtures of tea and vanilla in order to achieve sweetnes and better aroma, with relaxant properties.

Coffee with vanilla: Ground roasted coffee beans with vanilla.

Vanilla in the industry

Cola flavouring, soft drinks, ice cream,… Most vanillin intended as a food additive is made from resin (lignin) of coniferous plants.

Chocolate: Vanilla has been added to chocolate since the days of the Aztecs, and interestingly, this sweet is still being scented with synthetic vanillin, although the best chocolates contain natural vanilla.

Other uses of vanilla

Perfumery: Vanilla contains 20 components used in perfumery, including vanillin, ethyl vanillin, cinnamyl alcohol, zingerone and nonanoic acid, among others.

Cosmetics: It is a component in creams and makeups as flavoring agent.

Aromatherapy: Pod power of vanilla is mainly used in scented candles and incense.

Conservation of vanilla

Vanilla pods should be stored in airtight glass containers, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight; and never in a refrigerator.

Price of vanilla

Vanilla bean: Its price ranges between 2.85 and 3.20 € 2-3 pods package (25 € / kg).

There are commercial houses (“Vanilla Trade”) that sell packages of 50g of pods (8-10 units) for € 11.50.

Vanilla extract: Its price is about 18.5 € per 100ml.

Vanilla sugar: The price ranges from 19.4 € / kg.

Bourbon vanilla sugar (6.5%): Whole cane sugar with vanilla extract. Its price is about 8.50 € / kg. The proportion of vanilla must be specified. It is usually used mixed with sugar “without vanilla” (standard) in recipes, in varying proportions.

Vanilla Butter: Although you can prepare it at home, it is also marketed and the price is 5 € / 100ml, approximately.

Coffee with vanilla: Its price is about 26 € / kg. It can vary depending on the coffee and vanilla variety. The one that contains more vanillin will be from the variety Vanilla planifolia (originally from Mexico), although some consider Bourbon vanilla (from Comoros Islands) to be more aromatic and with a bitter aftertaste

Tea with vanilla: Its price ranges from 35 to 50 € / kg, depending on the type of tea and the ingredients it contains.

Vanilla liquor: With a price about 23 € a liter. It may vary depending on the type of liquor.

Where to buy vanilla

Vanilla can be purchased at supermarkets, health food stores, markets, pastry shops, online stores and some health food stores.

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19 March, 2019

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