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Common English name: Common Golden-rod, European Goldenrod, Goldenrod, woundwort

Common name in other languages:

– Spanish: Vara de oro, vara de San José, solidago, virga aurea

– Catalan: Vara d’or

– Portuguese: Vara-de-ouro, verga-de-ouro, virgaurea

– French: Olidage verge d’or, Baguette d’Aaron, Herbe des juifs

– Italian: Verga d’oro comune

– German: Gewöhnliche Goldrute, Gemeine Goldrute, Echte Goldrute

– Dutch: Echte guldenroede

– Polish: Nawłoć pospolita

– Romanian: Splinuță

– Danish: Almindelig Gyldenris

  • Scientific name: Solidago virgaurea

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9 July, 2021

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