What products are obtained from plants?

Plant products

Main products that plants provide us

Plants have an ornamental value and a great importance as producers of oxygen and because of their function within ecosystems.

Besides, we obtain numerous products from plants that are used by Man. Plants produce the following products:

Plants make plant foods

nutritional value of artichoke
From the artichokes we eat the artichokes. In addition to being a food, artichokes are considered to be a real medicine for the liver. What part of the artichoke plant is the artichoke?

Plants are primary producers, that is, they are capable of making their own food with which they build their body and are capable of living and reproducing.

From the food that plants make, in a process known as photosynthesis, other organisms that are not capable of creating their own food, can feed. In this way, plants provide food for animals and humanity.

What foods do plants provide?

As far as Man is concerned, plants produce the following edible products:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables and green vegetables
  • Edible roots and stems
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Grains and seeds
  • Vegetable drinks
  • Germinated
  • Vegetable oils

Plants provide products for industry

Many industries make their products from other products from plants.

Thus, for example, trees build their own organism by making wood.

This wood is used by various industries in the manufacture of different objects: furniture, doors, beams, walls, pencils, paper, etc.

What industrial products are obtained from the plants?

Among the many industries that use material from plants we have, for example, the following:

  • Food industry: Processed foods from natural foods: bread, cookies, canned vegetables, beer, etc.
  • Cosmetics industry: Shampoos, creams, make-up, perfumes, etc.
  • Paint industry: Varnishes, glues, paints, etc.
  • Construction industry: Doors, beams, walls, scaffolding, among others.
  • Textile industry: Fibers, such as cotton, hemp, linen, etc; natural colorants, etc
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Medicines, cosmetics, personal cleaning products, etc.
  • Automotive industry: Tires, paints, plastics…

Plants provide natural remedies

Many plants have medicinal properties that are used to make home-made products that are beneficial for our health.

Many edible plants contain phytochemicals, which are chemicals with healing properties. So, adding these foods in a natural way to our diet will not only allow us to nourish the body, but also to keep us strong and healthy, preventing the appearance of numerous diseases.

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26 February, 2021

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