Why to eat legumes

Food properties of legumes

Are legumes a good food?

Legumes are an ideal food in any diet, especially for vegetarians who do not eat meat, because they contain a lot of protein.

In India, where there is a large community of people who practice vegetarianism, lentils are a staple, along with peas and chickpeas.

What do legumes contain, apart from protein?

In addition to protein, legumes provide carbohydrates, fiber, B vitamins and are high in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron.

different types of raw legumes in a market stall

Photo of different types of raw legumes in a market stall

Can people with diabetes eat legumes?

When we eat legumes, glucose is being incorporated into the blood slowly because the high fiber content of legumes regulates the absorption of their hydrates.

Thus, legumes are a good food for people with diabetes. This contro lof blood sugar, in addition to diabetes, is also very interesting for obesity.

Whom are legumes especially suitable for?

Legumes are ideal:

– For children’s diet, so they can have enough energy in their games.

– For feeding people who do some exercise or hard work.

– Quite simply, for all people who want to stay satisfied, without feeling hungry after a while they have eaten.

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6 April, 2024

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