Scots pine in other languages

How to say mountain pine in other languages?

Mountain pine in Spanish, French, German, Italian…

Common English name: Scots pine, Pine tree, European redwood

Common name in other languages:

– Spanish: Pino, pino silvestre, pino candelabro, pino rojo, pino albar.

– French: Pin.

pino– Catalan: Pi Roig.

– Gallego: pinheiro

– Euskara: lerrondo.

– German: Gemeine Kiefer.

– Danish: Skovfyr

– Dutch: Grove den

– Polish: Sosna zwyczajna

– Finnish: Mänty

– Norwegian: Tall

  • Scientific name: Pinus sylvestris

punto rojo More information on pines

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18 March, 2022

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