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Tigernut plantCommon English name: yellow nutsedge, chufa sedge, nut grass, tiger nut sedge, earth almond, tiger nut, rush nut, ground almond, northern nutgrass, edible galingale, orgeat.

Common name in other languages:

– Spanish: Chufa

– Portuguese: junça xufera, junquinhamansa

– Catalan: xuflera (planta), xufa, xufla, xufleta (fruto)

– French: souchet comestible, amande de terre, choufa, gland de terre, noix tigrée, pois sucré.

– Euskara: bedaurr txufa

– Italian: dolcichigno, mandorla di terra, zigolo dolce

– German: Erdmandel, Knollencyperngras, Tigernuss bekannt

– Dutch: Knolcyperus

  • Scientific name: Cyperus esculentus

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3 November, 2022

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