Aloe striulata cultivation

How to grow Aloe striulata



It depends on the zone. In temperate zones from Spring to Autumn. In warmer climates it can also bloom in winter.


Abundantly in Summer when soil is very dry. Scarcely the rest of the year.

gardening pot

Rocky gardens, slopes facing the sun, also in pots.


It doesn’t stand frost. In cold weather better shelter indoors or protect from cold.


From offsets (Plant directly in the soil. Do not water for some days. Choose 20 to 30 cm tall offsets). Also by rizhomes (Plant in a sand bed and replant when the plant has produced some roots). It can also be produce from seeds. In this case it shows a very slow growing.


A very well drained soil with loam and sand. A good proportion of draining material (grinded tiles, or stoned). Add liquid fertilizer from time to time.


The same medicinal plant than Aloe vera. See properties.

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11 February, 2020

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