Peyote cultivation

Lophophora williansii


Characteristics of the plant



At the beginning of summer..


It tolerates a wide range of precipitations, from the 155 mm. up to the 560. In the event of garden cultivation, water every 7 days in spring and each 4 in summer.

gardening pot

As hallucinogenic plant, for ritual ceremonies.


To the light, not directly in the sun, especially when it is young. It tolerates temperatures that can oscillate between the 40ºC and the 2ºC. It some 14 daily hours of light to grow well.


By means of the lateral sprouts which must be left to dry for 15 days. From cuttings and from seeds, although these present a very slow growth. They are prone to the infections caused by fungi in the roots, when the drainage is not good. In this case uproot, apply fungicide, let it dry for some days and replant again.


Basic calcareous soils with a good drainage. Ph of 6 or 7


Poisonous plant.(More information)

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