Rose bush reproduction by layering

Reproduction of a rose bush by layering

Photo of rose bush, the arrangement and shape of its leaves can be appreciated

Rose bushes are garden plants prized for their showy, beautiful and fragrant flowers. The reproduction of the rose bush by layering is used only in certain types of rose bushes from which it is difficult to obtain grafts or seeds.

It should be mentioned that, generally, the technique used for home gardening to reproduce a rose bush is through cuttings, which is the simplest and easiest method.

There are also other ways to reproduce rose bushes using suckers and seeds.

What is a layer of a rose bush?

Layering is a gardening technique for the asexual reproduction of plants that consists of forming new specimens from a branch of the parent plant, not yet separated from it, from which roots are made to sprout.

It is important to emphasize that the stem of the parent plant is not cut as in cuttings, but remains in the plant until it takes root. Although it is a more complex method than cuttings, layering has the advantage that the new plant receives water and nutrients from the parent plant while it is taking root.

Through this form of multiplication, new plants are obtained that are genetically the same as the plant from which the branch was obtained.

How and when to perform the layering to the rose bush

The time to layer a rose bush is at the end of spring. It will consist of bending a long and flexible branch or stem of an adult and healthy rose bush, and introducing it into the soil, buried, after having removed the leaves.

To facilitate the emergence of the roots, an undercut can be made with a clean, well-sharpened razor at the bottom of the portion of the branch that remains buried. A trick so that the two parts do not touch and the plant heals without taking roots, is to place a piece of toothpicks in the middle. If desired, growth hormones can be applied to the cutting area.

Layer planting

Cover the stem in contact with the soil with peat and water.

How to fix the branch of the rose bush in the soil?

The branch should be held in the soil so that it does not come loose or dig up.

Care of the rosebush layer

Water abundantly so that the soil is always moist, avoiding water stagnations.

How to separate the layer from the rosebush

The year after its planting, the branch is cut behind the area where the rooting has occurred and plant where we consider appropriate.

For more details on the rose cultivation, care, watering, location and needs of this plant.

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7 December, 2021

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