Properties of ajoaceite

Benefits of ajoaceite sauce


What is ajoaceite o alioli?

Ajoaceite or alioli is is a typical sauce of Catalan cuisine. His name allioli means “garlic and oil” (= “all” and ” oli” in Catalan) because originally this recipe from the Catalan region is prepared only with garlic, oil and salt (no egg yolk and bread crumbs).

Medicinal properties of ajoaceite

This sauce is very healthy because it contains allicin and ajoene, medicinal principles that are only found in very crushed raw garlic.

These components have properties to reduce cholesterol, diminish blood pressure and improve circulation

It is also diuretic, expectorant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

In addition it is prepared with a good quality oil, which provides plenty of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, a very good antioxidant.

crashing the garlic

The recipe starts crashing the garlic


Ingredients for homemade ajoaceite sauce (without egg)

  • 1-3 cloves garlic (to taste)
  • Olive oil (Adding it gradually to achieve the desired amount of sauce)
  • Salt

How to make ajoaceite sauce

ajoaceite in a mortar

Photo of ajoaceite in a mortar. It should be thick, forming a “nest” when removing it.

In a cooking mortar, chop the garlic into a paste.

  • Add a little olive oil and stir slowly, always in the same direction. A very characteristic sound will indicate that sauce is starting to thicken (emulsify)
  • Slowly add more oil, always stirring in the same direction
  • Sauce has to form like a nest when removing it, which is indicative that the sauce is well thickened (see picture).

If all the oil is added at once, the sauce will not emulsify. Also, not too much oil should be added in order not to stop thickening. If so, rethickening it is very difficult.

If salt is used, it should be added towards the end and in small quantities. Thus garlic is more medicinal (salt inactivates enzymes responsible for forming ajoene, the medicinal principle of garlic).

Some people use egg yolk, which is added at the end, at room temperature, to help emulsify the sauce better. To thicken, you can also add some bread crumbs, although, if it has emulsified well, this will not be necessary.

The original recipe is prepared by hand, although some people do it with a stick blender. In this case, we have to add egg yolk.

What is ajoaceite used for?

It is a sauce that is used to accompany vegetable dishes, rice, fish, meat, or just to spread on some bread.

Can you eat ajoaceite if you want to lose weight?

Yes, this type of preparations, accompanied by a proper diet, can be very healthy. We should forget the myth that fat makes you fat.

If the oil is of good quality (1a cold pressure) and the sauce is made with 2 cloves of garlic and a little salt, is a highly recommended prescription in people with obesity, weight loss diets, people with diabetes or hypertension.

Since the oil contains many calories, it should logically be consumed in moderation.

Mayonnaise with garlic

Mayonnaise with garlic from the supermarket is not healthy

Why supermarket mayonnaise (or ajoaceite) is not healthy and does not have medicinal properties?

Mayonnaise with garlic sauce or garlic sauce that you can buy in supermarkets has no medicinal principles because garlic has been pasteurized or sterilized. Heat treatment destroys these principles.

Moreover, in many cases sauces contain very little garlic to taste more enjoyable for most consumers and greater amount is used.

Most of the time these industrial sauces are made with poor quality oils, contain too much salt or flavor enhancing additives have.

For these reasons the homemade sauces with healthy fats and nutritious foods like garlic sauce or homemade guacamole are recommended.

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26 December, 2021

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