Carbohydrates for chronic kidney disease

What kind of sugars and carbohydrates are better for CKD?


The recommended carbohydrates are mainly:

Recommended foods in severe chronic renal failure

Recommended foods in severe chronic renal failure (CRF). They contribute calories and make the diet more enjoyable. Being very refined foods, they have few minerals and do not overload the kidneys. For this reason you can eat more freely. Drawings courtesy of ©Dibujosparapintar

Energetic foods for chronic kidney disease

The energetic foods that can be taken in kidney disease are:

  • Potatoes: not recommended if there is hyperkalemia or hyperkalemia, That is to say, if you have to control the amount of potassium in the diet.
  • Sugar: Can be taken, but in moderation, because very high sugar deteriorates the kidney (especially if there is diabetes).
  • White rice: It can be combined with oil or homemade mayonnaise to give it a better flavor and also help your carbohydrates to absorb more slowly and control sugar (the combination with oil lowers their glycemic index).
  • White wheat flour: You can make homemade cakes, or sauces with flour. It can be combined with an egg yolk, oil or water. In contrast, milk (wit a high phosphorus content) is not recommended, nor salt or spices should be added.

Tasty foods for kidney failure

toasted with cheese cream and jam

Unsalted toasted with cheese cream and jam

The diet for controlled chronic renal failure in minerals is very dull, in the broadest sense of the word, with many restrictions.

For that reason, other dishes and condiments that do not have many minerals or proteins and which can also be consumed are mentioned below:

  • Honey and marmalade: They can be used to put on rice, toast, cottage cheese,…
  • Recommended marmalades: Strawberry jam, raspberry, orange (without skin), pear, tomato jam or blackberries are recommended. They have less potassium.
  • Not recommended marmalades: Apple, mango, guava, pineapple, banana, peach or melon are not recommended, since they are the ones that have the most potassium.

It is not necessary to be light marmalade, but to consume it in moderation. Take them in normal amounts, especially if there is diabetes, because very high sugar foods impairs kidney function.

  • Gelatin: Prepared with agar agar or fibers, with coloring and sugar or honey. You can add some fruit previously treated to eliminate its potassium, but it is not convenient to put infusions, juices or fruit juices.

Is bread recommended in chronic kidney disease diet?

Since bread is made with phosphates (gasifying additives), it is not an expressly recommended food, although it can be consumed, in moderation, without salt in any case.

White rice is preferable to unsalted bread, although both can be consumed.

Is sugar good in chronic kidney disease diet?

It may be surprising that foods as refined as sugar are adequate in this diet.

Certainly, too much sugar causes diabetes and damages the kidneys. But when renal failure has to control potassium and other minerals, it is necessary to use very refined products because they provide energy and pure nutrients without practically minerals, which is beneficial to protect kidney function. Thanks to these foods it is possible for these people to obtain energy without damaging their kidneys.

But this should not be confusing: not everything that carries sugar is adequate. Many ultra-processed foods, such as fizzy drinks, cola, snacks and other products are not recommended because they contain phosphorus, sodium and other bad components.

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17 May, 2022

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