Are chickpeas good for dinner?

Can you eat chickpeas for dinner?


Are chickpeas hard to digest and therefore bad for dinner?

It is a myth that chickpeas are difficult to digest food and therefore should not be consumed for dinner.

In fact, chickpeas are among the most digestive legumes in existence.

This is because they contain less oligosaccharides than other legumes and, therefore, they produce less gases.

Are chickpeas really easy to digest?

Properly prepared chickpeas (with sufficient soaking and cooking) entail a very good digestion.

For this same reason, they are the first legumes that are introduced to babies, along with lentils and peas.

How should you dine?

One of the main rules for a proper dinner is to dine early, because that way the body will reach bedtime without having to digest and with enough energy to rest and perform its nocturnal functions.

Benefits of eating chickpeas for dinner

chickpeas with seitan

Chickpeas with seitan

Eating chickpeas for dinner is an excellent choice as a source of vegetarian protein, which are necessary for the liver to work at night.

A plate of chickpeas provides as much protein as a serving of meat, so it would not be necessary to accompany them with another food rich in protein.

In addition, chickpea provides much more calcium and magnesium than the meat, which would imply a nutritional advantage.

How the chickpeas are more digestive

To make the digestion of the chickpeas faster, they can be accompanied by digestive plants. In addition, they should be cooked long enough so that they are not hard, and always after a long soaking, so that they are not indigestible.

If the chickpeas are consumed in a hummus or crushed in a vegetable cream, the digestion will be better because grinding them facilitates the contact of the food with the digestive enzymes.

mitos sobre legumbres

Remedies for gases because of eating legumes

How are legumes for dinner to be consumed?

Some traditional recipes use lots of animal fats to cook legumes, such as sausages and other processed meats.

It is not at all convenient to mix animal foods with legumes for dinner, since it involves a much slower digestion (fat slows gastric emptying and increases digestion time).

Myths about legumes

The saying “it is not good to eat chickpeas for dinner” is one of the many myths that circulate about legumes. There is no doubt that eating legumes every day is not harmful; they can be very nutritious and healthy.

Nor is it true that they produce many gases. May be at the beginning, but the intestinal flora adapts and with the days and gases are no longer noticeable. These foods are very healthy and one should eliminate any doubt that can reduce their consumption.

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25 June, 2021

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