Good fats for heart

What fats are best to keep your heart healthy


Foods with healthy fats for the heart

It is important the consumption of healthy fats. They are very important for the proper functioning of the heart, since it is an organ that uses fats as an energy source.

The most suitable foods are those that provide unsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil (omega 9), avocado, seeds and nuts (raw or lightly toasted, without frying and without salt). Even in case of obesity, foods rich in healthy fats should be consumed. It is a mistake to exclude these foods from the diet, besides, it is harmful.

good fats for cardiovascular health

Summary sheet of good fats for cardiovascular health. Drawing courtesy of ©Dibujosparapintar

Omega 3 for cardiovascular health

Omega 3 is a type of essential fat that must be contributed by the diet. The consumption of foods rich in omega 3 presents numerous benefits for the health of the heart and the organism in general. Among the benefits of omega 3:

  • Omega 3 reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • It is is antithrombotic (fluidizes blood)
  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • Omega 3 helps increase good cholesterol

The most important sources of omega 3 are fatty fish or oily fish (best of small size, because large fish are heavily contaminated by mercury), nuts, ground flax or chia seeds, and hemp seeds.

Are omega 3 supplements recommended?

ground chia seeds

Photo of ground chia seeds in a coffee grinder. The seeds have to be crushed so that the omega 3 they contain can be assimilated.

Omega 3 supplements are not as potent as a diet rich in these components (more information), since foods, unlike supplements, contain other principles that improve cardiovascular health, such as fiber, vitamin E (antioxidant ) or phytosterols.

Olive oil for a healthy heart

The most suitable oil for the heart is extra virgin olive oil (sometimes called EVOO) or those oils that have not been refined (called virgin or extracted by cold pressure).

All scientific studies in the world agree that extra virgin olive oil is an excellent type of fat. It contains omega 9 fats (oleic acid), vitamin E, and phenolic compounds (hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein).

The phenolic compounds are potent antioxidants, which prevent capillary fragility and its deterioration caused by the cholesterol accumulated in the arteries (arteriosclerosis).

In the context of a healthy diet, olive oil has an anti-inflammatory role, balancing the omega 3 and omega 6 fats of the diet (More information).

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17 June, 2021

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