Lupins for cholesterol

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What do lupins give me?

Lupins or white lupins are an excellent snack because they are rich in fiber, protein, and contain some antioxidants.

They are typical of Mediterranean cuisine, and ideal on holidays to replace olives and other fatty foods on holidays.

Lupins for cholesterol

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Lupins are a legume, that is, they belong to the same family as lentils or chickpeas.

Due to their composition, lupins may be indicated, in moderation, in a diet to reduce cholesterol.

These foods are very rich in insoluble fiber, which drags fat from the body and increases intestinal transit.

Due to its lecithin content, lupins can help increase good cholesterol.

They also stand out for their high content of folic acid, which helps counteract the negative effects of homocysteine and prevents heart disease.

Canned lupins can only be taken occasionally, because due to their high sodium content, they are contraindicated if there is hypertension (high blood pressure) or heart disease.

Lupins, like other legumes, contain certain amounts of purines, a product that is transformed into uric acid in the body. For this reason, people with hyperuricemia or gout should avoid taking lupins, as well as other legumes, when they have acute joint pain. (The high salt content also contraindicates lupins for these cases, since in case of gouty disease it is convenient to follow a diuretic and low-salt diet).

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3 January, 2022

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