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Issue of natural remedies

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Medicinal plants

Carob properties

Carob flour is very useful for shortening the time of diarrhea due to the astringent action of its tannins.

Carob for diabetes

Carob tree

More medicinal plants

Natural medicine

Medicinal properties of zinc

Scientific studies have shown that zinc helps to increase the defenses, since it stimulates them. It collaborates in the healing of wounds, infections.

Zinc sources

Zinc in vegetarianism

More natural medicin treatments

What do you know?

Cocoa plant characteristics and uses

The main utility of the cocoa fruit is the production of cocoa powder and cocoa fat, both used mainly for the production of chocolate...

Chocolate properties

Chocolate production

Chocolate classes

Chocolate recipes

Vegetarian recipes

Carob chocolate

Carob hot chocolate is a recipe without cocoa, which is made from very simple and serves as a substitute of hot chocolate. It is suitable, for example, when the stimulating effect of cocoa is not interesting.

Carob recipes

More healthy recipes

Natural food


Lychee is a good source of natural fiber, which helps intestinal transit and the well-being of the body in general...

Benefits of lychee

More food properties

Medicinal diets

Diet for sports

An adequate and constant physical exercise and a balanced diet, as varied as possible, are the basic pillars to achieve an increase of your muscle mass without harming your body...

Carbohydrates for sport

How to calculate proteins for sport

Sport menu

Plant cultivation

Mulberry cultivation

Thanks to the capacity of capturing water with its deep roots, it is not necessary to water this tree too much, because inside the soil it obtains the humidity that it needs...

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Gardening plant, originally from the Canary Islands and Madeira but used as an ornamental plant in many parts of the world. It stands out for the beauty of its flowers similar to those of the daisy, but of varied colors, many of them bicolor.

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