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Medicinal plants

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is mainly used to help lose weight through decreased appetite.

Garcinia cambogia contraindications

Plants for metabolism

More medicinal plants

Natural medicine

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

(COPD) is a chronic and irreversible condition of the respiratory system in which the bronchus becomes obstructed and normal breathing is impaired, preventing the flow of air into the respiratory tract.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease remedies

COP medicinal plants

COP diet

More natural medicin treatments

Natural food

Nectarine nutritional benefits

Nectarine is a fruit very rich in vitamin A but also has less amount of other vitamins such as vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin E.

Mandarine properties

The natural sugar of mandarines is absorbed gradually given its content in fiber and fructose.

More food properties

Vegetarian recipes

Star anise recipes

How to use star anise in the kitchen

More healthy recipes

What do you know?


This product is used as a remedy to combat the cravings of eating and satisfying the appetite. Indicated in the treatment of overweight and obesity.

Glucomannan properties

What is glucommanan really good for?

Glucomannan contraindications

Glucomannan dangers

Other remedies for obesity

Plant cultivation

Sunflower cultivation

Thanks to the capacity of capturing water with its deep roots, it is not necessary to water this tree too much, because inside the soil it obtains the humidity that it needs...

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Perennial plant of the Papilionaceae family. Leaves trifoliate and stems with long spines. It is a plant with medicinal properties that appears in fields or grasslands in dry soils.

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