Guarana toxicity


Is guarana toxic?

No, guarana is not a toxic plant. Guarana is a harmless substance for most healthy adults when consumed in moderate amounts.

However, guarana has some contraindications and in some cases side effects (see details in the listing below).

Experts recommend not to exceed 300mg of caffeine daily.
Caffeine content of beverages

There are numerous studies demonstrating the low toxicity of guarana, even at high doses and during long treatments. Similarly, the best results with guarana have been experienced with low dose (75mg daily), because in high amounts, guarana is not so beneficial (contribution should not be higher than r 300mg daily).

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), Department of Health in the U.S. qualifies guarana as safe or GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Guarana can not be taken in pregnancy

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should NOT take guarana. Caffeine travels through the blood to the placenta and stimulates the baby, increasing his heart rate and metabolism, which directly affects the health of the fetus. You can take small amounts of coffee, tea or colas, but it is better without them.

Drug interactions with guarana

Guarana is nontoxic, but it may interact with a number of medications:

  • Cimetidine, a histamine blocking drug with antipyretic effects.
  • Antianxiety drugs such as Diazepam (Valium), fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, fluvoxamine and citalopram. Guarana boots hyperexcitability produced by the Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • Antidepressant medications.
  • Blood pressure medications. Guarana enhances the therapeutic effects and toxicity of digitalis drugs used to treat hypertension because it can produce hypokalemia.
  • Some antibiotic drugs. See patient’s leaflet or consult your doctor to rule out possible interactions.
  • Decongestants: to relieve nasal congestion.
  • MAO inhibitor drugs. Guarana powers hyperexcitability produced by monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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13 November, 2021

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