Maca for cancer

Is maca a good plant remedy for cancer?

What are hormone-dependent cancers?

The so-called hormone-dependent cancers are those in which the hormonal system is involved because hormones intervene in their appearance and growth. Among these we have, for example, breast cancer or prostate cancer.

In this type of cancer, conventional medicine can use, in addition to other resources, a treatment to suppress the hormones that act, such as estrogen or testosterone, so that a reduction or elimination of cancerous tumors can be achieved.

The use of some medicinal plants rich phytosterols or phytoestrogens can be harmful in this type of cancers, since they can interfere with the hormones supplied.

Phytoestrogenic plants and hormone-dependent cancer

Many plants contain phytoestrogens, components that are contraindicated in the case of hormone-dependent cancers.

In general, during these types of cancer, hormone treatments or plants rich in phytosterols are not recommended until after a few years, in which control must also be carried out by the doctor, who may authorize or deny their use again.

Can you take maca with hormone-dependent cancer?

Maca, because of its content in isothiocyanates, is considered one of the effective remedies to prevent cancer, along with other cruciferous plants. Some studies even designate it as effective in the treatment of cancer due to its tumoricidal, apoptotic (which causes the natural death of damaged cells), antimutagenic and antidegenerative properties.

In the so-called hormone-dependent tumors, the use of maca is not contraindicated.

Note: The phytoestrogen content should not be confused with that containing phytosterols (campesterol, stigmasterol and b-sitosterol).

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10 December, 2020

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