Benefits of guarana for sportsmen or athletes

Is guarana effective for sportsmen and athletes?


Guarana is the seed with the highest caffeine content than exists, even higher than the content of the coffee bean. It is especially rich in plant phenols such as tannins, antioxidants and other compounds that enhance the role of caffeine, its active ingredient.

Guarana supplements increase energy, improve physical and mental state, and constitutes a natural tonic for the body.

Guarana is a heart tonic

The caffeine in guarana is absorbed more slowly than the caffeine in coffee, so that its effects are less abrupt, more progressive and more durable.

It is a natural stimulant that acts on the entire body and stimulates the heart muscle, increasing performance during training.


In the picture: supplement to stimulate thermogenesis or “fat burning” in athletes by guarana supplement for athletes.

It contains L-carnitine, green tea extract, guarana extract, mate extract, caffeine, cayenne, turmeric extract, chromium and niacin.

Guarana improves recovery after exercise

The caffeine in guarana supplementation prevents the buildup of lactic acid in muscles, thereby improving recovery in sport and reducing stiffness.

Guarana helps to burn fat

Among athletes guarana is also known for its property to “burn fat“. Scientific studies confirm that guarana stimulates fat metabolism because it contains methylxanthines.

Supplements, used by sportsmen or athletes, to burn fat or promote thermogenesis as guarana are very well-known. They also are a suitable complement for those wishing to build muscle.

Guarana is also advised for people who start in the sport to encourage weight loss, since guarana has anorectic properties that can help cure cravings.

Guarana increases physical performance

Scientific studies have shown that caffeine in guarana supplementation is effective in improving physical performance in sport. These studies were performed with runners, cyclists and skiers.

Its effectiveness lies in the stimulating power of guarana, which increases the release of adrenaline and causes a state of high performance in the body.

Guarana is a supplement with no health hazards

Guarana has been shown as a supplement with no toxicity even in long treatments. Moreover, scientific studies show that low doses of guarana (75mg) produce more positive effects than high-dose supplementation (greater than or equal to 300mg).

Failing a doping test for caffeineGuarana can not be consumed 48 hours before a competition because it contains caffeine.

Caffeine has energizing properties and its use in sport competitions provides benefit to those who consume it, either in supplement form, guarana, caffeine drinks or high amounts of coffee.

Therefore, it is forbidden to consume these products if you are in a official sporting event and its detection in doping controls under certain amounts may be penalized.

People who supplement their diet with guarana, can benefit from the other health claims this herb is being attributed.

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7 October, 2021

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