Common hawthorn supplements

Properties of the derivatives of the fruits of common hawthorn

Supplements for the health of the heart

Hawthorn supplements, implemented from the late nineteenth century, help to use the medicinal properties of this plant. These supplements can be obtained from the tincture extracted from the fruit or standardized extracts produced from its leaves and flowers.

In addition to the tincture, they can be found in the form of tablets, capsules or powder. It should be noted that these preparations have a positive effect from about 60 days of application, more or less, so that it is required to be consistent in their use.

In order to supplements have a suitable therapeutic effect, standard extracts should be purchased with a minimum of 1.8% of vitexin, also called vitexin-2- rhamnoside.

Supplements of common hawthorn for heart disease

The extract of common hawthorn is used essentially in the prevention of heart disease: These preparations are suitable as a preventive of heart disease. The usual dose as a preventative is about 150 mg daily in 3 divided doses. Among the main cardiovascular diseases, we can point out the following:

The prevention and the treatment of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction. The usual dose of treatment is from 300 to 450 mg divided into 3 doses. You can also use ½ teaspoon of liquid extract divided into three daily doses.

Treatment and prevention of the slight congestive cardiac insufficiency: as an adjunct or substitute for digitalis. Supplementation of hawthorn or hawthorn itself helps promote breathing, reduces fatigue and helps eliminate fluid retention, common symptoms of heart failure.

Improvement and prevention of arrhythmias: The extracts of leaves and flowers stabilize the heartbeat and prevent arrhythmias. The usual dose of treatment is from 300 to 750 mg divided into 3 doses. You can also use a half teaspoon of liquid extract divided into three daily doses.

Reduction and prevention of hypertension: The usual dose of treatment is from 300 to 450 mg daily divided into 3 doses.

Supplements of common hawthorn for nervous diseases

The extract of common hawthorn can be used in the treatment of nervous diseases that require of a smooth sedative. It has been used mainly to combat stress, nervousness, depression and insomnia.

Contraindications and side effects of common hawthorn supplements

In adequate doses, they usually do not produce side effects, although in some people, there has been increased sweating, vomiting, fatigue and skin rashes. There have also been cases of sharp declines in blood pressure with symptoms of dizziness and fatigue, especially in people without heart disease who have used this supplement regularly. If either of these symptoms, use should be stopped.

Not to be taken in cases of hypertension or hypotension without proper medical supervision. Also not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Its use, combined with other standard medications for the treatment of heart disease (hypertensive blockers, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, digitalis, nitrates, beta blockers, etc.) could increase too much their properties and be harmful.

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13 August, 2022

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