Problems of drinking too much water with lemon

Side effects of lemon


What side effects does lemon have?

Lemon (Citrus X limonia Osbeck.) Is an edible citrus fruit that, as such, is used safely in numerous recipes. It can be used squeezed in drinking water, in salads, desserts, or in a multitude of presentations.

Main adverse effects of lemon

Consumption of this citrus produces no problems in most people, when taken in normal amounts. Irritation or adverse effects may occur in some cases, such as:

  • Teeth sensitivity

  • Stomach ache

  • Irritation of the skin (in skin remedies)

Effects of lemon for digestion and stomach

half a lemon

Photo of half a lemon

Lemon taken during meals (before or after), can help improve the digestive process due to the properties of citric acid that increases acidity of the stomach and facilitates the task to gastric juices.

This same property can be counterproductive for people who have gastric hyperacidity, gastritis or stomach ulcer, who should not abuse the consumption of this type of food or others that are very acidic. (Also salt, drinks with gas, or fried foods. Diet for ulcer)* More information: Lemon for acidity and stomach ulcer

Problems of drinking lots of water with lemon

One of the most popular remedies that are made with lemon is water with lemon. Water with lemon is a way to take advantage of the good taste of this fruit and consume it in the drink. This provides a very refreshing citrus flavor and lots of vitamin C.

However, as with any type of liquid, excessive drinking is not recommended as it does not offer any benefit. Drinking excessively forces the kidneys to remove fluids, causes electrolyte leakage, and, in certain cases, it can be dangerous because of potassium deficiency (especially if you are fasting)

  • The recommendation is not to exceed in the ingestion of liquids and not to realize fasts of more than 12 h drinking only water with lemon.

Lemon as an irritant to the skin

One important precaution you must have with lemon is not to use it in home skin remedies or face masks that are to be applied on the face or in delicate areas of the skin.

Due to its citric acid content, it is irritating to the skin.

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19 March, 2019

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