Homemade miso instructions

Miso elaboration

How is miso made?

Miso is a fermented product. Its preparation consists, as in other processes of lactic fermentation, on applying a period of time for this reaction to be carried out.

  • On an industrial level, it is usually obtained after a minimum of 3 days with added heat to increase the fermentation speed.
  • At home level, this process can be extended to an average of even two years of rest in favorable conditions for some microorganisms to grow and ferment. Specifically for  fungi of the Aspergillus family, more frequently  Aspergillus orizae, or other yeasts

What are the miso ingredients?


This manufacturing process can be carried out exclusively with soybeans  or together with a mixture of cereals, such as barley or wheat.

If you are gluten intolerant, you can use either brown or white rice. These ingredients are added throughout the reaction period. It is a simple handmade elaboration but it takes the availability of a lot of time to obtain it.

Fermentation time and color

Depending on its fermentation time, this resulting paste may vary in color, the longer the product is fermented, the darker the resulting color, from a white color to more reddish or even black colors.

In any case, these types of preparations are often used as a condiment to enhance the flavor of typical foods of the eastern areas such as sushi or soups in the case of Japan.

Depending on the preparation, it can be pasteurized although it loses its probiotic properties, to ensure its health.

Other miso recipes

Miso soup

– Rice with miso sauce

Soba noodles with vegetables

– Miso  with vegetables

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12 December, 2019

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