Contraindications of herbal supplements

Dangers of herbal supplements

Precautions and possible dangers of phytotherapy

With medicinal plant supplements, more caution should be taken because many of them have unknown side effects and interactions with medications (capsules, tablets and tinctures).

Ginkgo is used to improve circulation and memory

Among the main contraindications of medicinal plant supplements we can mention the following:

Supplements during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, certain vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended to ensure a good supply of certain nutrients and prevent fetal diseases. The most common supplements are: folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, omega 3 DHA and B12 supplements in vegetarian mothers.

Contraindications of medicinal plants during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Most treatments with medicinal plants are contraindicated during pregnancy because they can cause fetal abnormalities. In some cases this contraindication is known (abortive plants), and in other cases it is not recommended as a precaution.

Phytochemicals from a plant have unexpected effects on the fetus. It should be considered that the effects of a plant depend on the weight of the individual. A fetus, given its small size, is very vulnerable to the effects produced by even small doses of a plant. For the same reason, medicinal plants are not recommended during lactation, since they can reach the baby through breast milk.

Herbal supplements for young children

Can small children take plants? More and more parents decide to use herbal remedies for their children, but it is necessary to do it with knowledge, since not all plants can be administered to children, and if it is not done properly, adverse effects and problems can appear.

Can different medicinal plants be combined?

It is not known if the combination of different plants interact with each other in their effect, because there is no bibliography on the matter. Remember that if any symptom does not improve or worsens, you should always consult a doctor. In general, it is not recommended to combine different plants with the same effect.

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15 August, 2022

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