Contraindicacions of elder

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Who and when not to take elder?

Elder tree
Elder inside a courtyard of a mountain house

What is elderberry and what is it used for?

Elder flowers and fruits are used in natural medicine for their diuretic, respiratory, laxative and hepatic properties.

They are used to treat fluid retention, rheumatism, bronchitis, cough, constipation and jaundice.

Elder leaves and bark are toxic.

Elder contraindications

  • Pregnancy and lactation: a safe dose of elderberry has not been established to take during pregnancy and lactation. In the absence of toxicological studies on its effects, it is recommended not to take this plant.
  • The leaves, stems and bark are poisonous and should not be used
  • No important contraindications for elder have been described. Due to its diuretic properties, it could interfere with:

Check with your doctor before taking remedies with elderberry !!!

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22 October, 2019

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